Mild Chorizo imported from Spain

This mild chorizo sausage is made by Palacios from an old family recipe. This all natural dry cured pork sausage is seasoned with sweet smoked paprika from Extremadura -- pimentón de la Vera dulce. It contains no nitrates or nitrites or any other preservative.

The key to Spanish chorizo is the incredibly flavorful smoked paprika, which sets it apart from sausages of any other country.

Palacios chorizos are fully dry-cured and ready to eat, simply serve with crusty bread and a glass of wine from La Rioja.

Hot Chorizo - Authentic Spanish Sausage

Spicy smoked paprika from the La Vera valley in Western Spain is the key flavor to this delicious dry cured sausage. Garlic, pork and salt are the only other ingredients to this all natural sausage. It is not flaming hot in the sense of Mexican cuisine, but rather, spicy.

These classic pork chorizos are seasoned with hot smoked Spanish paprika. It is a spicy version of the signature smoked paprika which makes Spanish chorizo unique in the world. These sausages are fully dry-cured and ready to slice and serve with your favorite cheese and wine - or simmer them in red wine for an incredible appetizer.

Oreados Mini Chorizos by Palacios of Spain

These little links of Palacios chorizo are flavored with mild smoked paprika from La Vera. But even though they are not spicy they are packed with flavor. Garlic, salt and pork are the only other ingredients to this dry cured sausage, and no nitrates or nitrites are used.

These sausages from Spain are fully dry-cured but slightly softer than the other two versions. We prefer to use these for cooking - you can add them to paella, simmer them in wine or even slice and cook into a pasta dish.


Dry Cured "Lomo Serrano" Pork Loin - Fermin Brand

Spanish lomo embuchado is a flavorful dry-cured pork, meaty and delicious, with very little fat. Many connoisseurs prefer the taste and texture of lomo to all other Spanish meats. Each loin is put in a casing and seasoned with salt, fresh garlic, and smoked paprika (Pimentón de la Vera). It takes over three months for these loins to cure.

Slice this delicacy thinly and it is ready to eat - no cooking required. You can serve with crusty bread as a classic bocadillo sandwich, or add slivers to a salad. Our favorite way to serve lomo is simply presented on plate, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil.



Palacios was the first authentic Spanish chorizo available in the United States, and has been featured in the New York Times as well as Wine Spectator magazine.

Palacios Chorizo Company

Palacios was founded in 1983 and now exports its Spanish chorizo around the world. Only a few businesses offer real Spanish sausages in the U.S. and none has a better reputation than Palacios. The company's origins can be traced back to a family butcher shop in La Rioja which set up business in 1960.

Palacios currently offer their chorizo sausage and cured pork loins known as "lomo" to the US Market. Palacios chorizos are cured with paprika, salt and garlic, with NO NITRATES OR NITRITES added to the recipe.

Palacios Chorizo in the USA

If you've ever tasted chorizo, the pork sausage cured with paprika and garlic, you can understand why it is a national obsession in Spain. You can find it used in many ways: sliced and enjoyed by itself, added to paella, chopped into cubes and added to an omelet or infused it in stew to give it a smoky edge. Its robust flavor and smokiness give a distinctive, Spanish flavor to whatever you prepare.

If you have never visited Spain and enjoyed slices of chorizo before dinner, the Palacios will be a revelation. When you taste it, it will open a whole new world of flavor. Spanish chorizo sausages are very distinct in flavor from Mexican or even other European sausages.

What is Chorizo?

Spanish chorizo is made from coarsely chopped pork and pork fat, seasoned with smoked pimentón (paprika) and salt. It is generally classed as either picante (spicy) or dulce (sweet), depending upon the type of smoked paprika used. There are hundreds of regional varieties of Spanish chorizo, both smoked and unsmoked, which may contain garlic, herbs and other ingredients....

As well as chorizo, Spain also produces many other varieties of pork sausage, such as lomo embuchado or salchichón, cured and air dried in a similar way. Lomo is a lean cured meat to slice, made from the loin of the pig, which is marinated and then air-dried. Salchichón is another cured sausage without the pimentón seasoning of chorizo, but with black peppercorns instead.

Depending on the variety, chorizo can been eaten directly, sliced in a sandwich, barbecued, fried and is also an ingredient to several dishes where it accompanies beans, such as fabada or cocido madrileño. The version of these dishes con todos los sacramentos ("with all the sacraments") adds to chorizo other preserved meats like tocino (cured bacon) and morcilla (Spanish blood sausage).